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We had fun while on hands-on review for Vita Emulator, but we were always waiting for its potential price. If you noticed, the significant graphical development and controls are obviously features targeted for hardcore gamers, but we think Sony does not forget how important it is also to make the handheld a hit among the bigger population in the market. This is why pricing has to be a well thought out one. The developer has suffered a blow in the Nintendo 3DS sales even if they have already sold it at significant discounts due to certain factors, but most likely due to the fact that gamers now opt to use their smartphones for gaming as well.

PSV Ergonomics

vita emulator rom gameThe competition from Android and iPhone with gaming capabilities will continue to affect the sales and prices of the portable consoles in the future.

The US and European markets have the PSPs at $249 and 249 Euros for the Wi-Fi capable PSPs and $299 or 299 Euros for those with the 3G version. We can say that this is a good pricing strategy. The PSP hit the market initially at £179, the PS3 for £199, and the iPod touch 32GB for an unexpected lower price of £254. PSVita is certainly a powerful system. It should still be acknowledged that you need to know what it has lost and what it has gained. The market has truly changed and Sony just has to keep up with it.

These smartphone users have likely seen how cheap it is to play using their phones than buy a standalone handheld gaming console. PSVita can access the Internet, designed to support all media and take photos, but it is still considered primarily as a gaming machine.

Vita Emulator Controls

psv TV outThere are many changes with the controls used for PSVita. Touch screen is used to help you play using the comfortable Sixaxis button and motion controls. There are also rear and front cameras and a rear touch pad. All these features might seem like Sony is pushing for a gimmick or something sort of like it. This is something that you might think about when titling the handheld is necessary to gain control of character like Marble Madness PSV Rom instead of just using the rear touch panel or having to use the touch screen in Uncharted’s vine climbing moves instead of using the familiar buttons. If you play Uncharted: Golden Abyss, It would be like playing the game in a PS3, especially when you consider shooting your enemies at a long distance. This feature works well with PSVita’s easy to use joysticks and higher screen resolution, which is two times better than that of the original PSP. Moreover, playing FIFA and Call of Duty in this new handheld can bring you more joy.

PSV Chip game allows you to mod your PSV for Homebrew.

Compare PS Vita vs Nintendo 3DS hardware and game catalogue.

PSVita has always been designed with the use of PS Network in mind as its partner. Its UMD software is purposely replaced with USB storage cards and other physical products. Moreover, the PSP will also have products mostly downloaded for it. In fact, it can be your HD movie-watching tool because its resolution would be a much better venue for you to indulge when movies. The newest games released are also PSN games which can be played using the touch screen of the new PSP. Sony has recently released that Wipeout 2048, the newest game in the racing series, is supported by PSVita. It seems to us that many arcade games would also receive the 3D treatment. The developed units are ideal for the games to be played on larger screens with a much better resolution. However, this might not likely happen for the units in the finishing batch to avoid getting the demand for PS3 as a standalone console.

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